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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What do you need to get a blogsite ?. It is so simple because of they made it easily to make a blogsite... you must register only .. ang login your account ...,, and then create a blog ..,

First you need to configure your layout before all .. after that make your first post :)..
And find a great publisher site for ads ...!.. link google adsense it is one of the best advertising company ..! you can make your account there .., and wait until they approve your account !...

And then ofcourse how you can get your money payout ?.. You can get your money via paypal !..

Just go to thier site and make account .. and fill up forms .., you need to put your credi card last 3 digit or etc card ,,..! Dont worry because Paypal is hacker free and it is the best online banking !...


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How we can get money in blogging ?..

How ??... Some online people dont know how to earn money by blogging ?.. they
are thinking ?... why they should get money online ?...,, for that simple ....,, lol ...!
They think only if you are staying online ., for only chatting, friendships .and etc...

But how we earn money online ?... This is the question ...

To earn money online is not simple .. For new bloggers and new in webspace ..!
Is so hard to spreadout your blog if you dont how to do ...?... So first so we can fast
spread our blog to webspace ..,,

Make sure to think what you will be topic to post your blog ? It is your own dicision if
what type of topic or title in your blog ?.... Think that you post is a good idea and better..

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Welcome to Earn Money Online

:) Hello Money seeker .. hehehe !...

I open this blog to help you guyz where you can find a best site that you can make money online
for simple procedures .. No spam and safe site will be posted only here !... Visit always this site to get updates about new sites who give us a chance to earn money by just staying at home and online ..!

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